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Advertising Blurbs

Unknown Source:
    From the back of the European box:

    Join the 'ROTOR ELITE' by proving your worth in the six flight simulator tests and completing the eighteen deadly missions within enemy fortresses where you must destroy primary defence systems, raid fuel and ammunition dumps, steal energy for use in the ROTOR's transformer and collect sun-simulator crystals to provide power for the journey home.
    Arcade action, stimulating strategy and perfect presentation ensure this game a place among the all-time classics.

    From the back of the US Microdaft release:

    In the future real pilots don't fly for bankrupt airlines. They join the Rotor Elite for hair raising, heart stopping, mind blowing excitement. Experience dazzling graphics, tough strategic decisions and habit forming gameplay with long term playability. Eighteen deadly missions with no margin for error. One mistake and you'll be earning your frequent flyer points in a box.

    Contributed by -Chris (7585) on Dec 01, 2000.