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The Seven Gates of Jambala Credits


ProgrammingGunter Bitz, Niclas Thisell
SoundtrackJochen Hippel
GraphicsMichael Grohe, Monika Krawinkel
GamedesignMichael Grohe, Monika Krawinkel, Holger Flöttmann
Additional ProgrammingMichael Raasch, Fabian Hammer, Jens Kleemann
CopyprotectionGunter Bitz, Jochen Hippel
Additional GraphicsHolger Flöttmann, Erik Simon
TextRichard Karsmakers
TestplayersEs, Chris, Holgi, Plogi
Additional testplayersJochen Hippel (Jo Mad Hipple), Pek

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Credits for this game were contributed by Martin Smith (66827)