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Sheer Agony Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

(Falcon030) Theā€¦ unique title screen
(Falcon030) You stand outside the "Sheer Agony Manor"
(Falcon030) In the entrance hall
(Falcon030) The stair down to the cellar
(Falcon030) In the cellar
(Falcon030) In the bottom floor
(Falcon030) In the smoking room, you find a box of tobacco
(Falcon030) The living room
(Falcon030) The library
(Falcon030) You open a cupboard in the library
(Falcon030) You find a book about the history of the manor
(Falcon030) The dining room
(Falcon030) You find a frasco of Muscadet wine in the kitchen
(Falcon030) In the first floor
(Falcon030) It's a girl's room. You find a watch.
(Falcon030) You find a pair of pliers in the bathroom
(Falcon030) You find a mysterious note signed by the master of the house, stuck behind a painting
(Falcon030) A big puddle of solvent in the storage room
(Falcon030) Fresh blood in the back room