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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (NES):
    The world is deep at war, and you're submerged among the enemy.

    Prepare to dive in to Silent Service, the ultra-realistic submarine simulation that recreates authentic World War II sea patrols in the bloody waters of the South Pacific.

    From the second you take command, you'll live by the motto FIND 'EM, CHASE 'EM, SINK 'EM, as you follow instruments, charts and your instincts in search of hostile convoys.

    Every decision you make will tempt fate, whether you risk a nightmare surface attack with deck guns blazing, or fire your last torpedo at a troop transport escorted by sub-killing destroyers.

    Your only relaxing moments away from the depth charges will come during torpedo and gunnery practice off the bomb ripped coast of the Midway Island.

    So batten down your mental hatches. And remember, only 2 inches of steel and tactical genius come between you and a watery grave.

    For one player only.

    Contributed by RKL (5735) on Sep 24, 2005.

Advertisement in Family Computing, November 1986:
    Captain's Log... War Date 10.01.44

    "Captain's Log, October 1, 1944. 0250 Hours. Fleet submarine USS Hammerhead proceeding Southwest at cruising speed. Our mission: intercept enemy convoy off the coast of Borneo. Disperse and destroy."

    "0300 Hours. Two hours until dawn. Radar picks up convoy, escorted by two destroyers. We believe that one of the enemy's valuable cargo ships is part of convoy formation."

    "0400 Hours. Lookouts on the bridge. Target identification party reports one cargo ship, 4,000 tons, troopship of 10,250 tons, with two Kaibokan-type escorts. Moving into attack position."

    "0500 Hours. Sound General Quarters! Battle stations manned. Preparing for torpedo run. Gauge Panel OK. Periscope OK. Charts and Attack Plot Board OK. All mechanical systems OK."

    "0525 Hours. Torpedo rooms report full tubes forward and aft. Battery at full charge for silent running. We hope water temperature will provide thermal barrier to confuse enemy sonar."

    "0600 Hours. We are at final attack position. Convoy moving at 10 knots. Target distance decreasing rapidly... Crash Dive! Escorts have spotted us and are turning to attack! Rig to run silent."

    "0700 Hours. Depth charged for one hour. Some minor damage, but repair parties at work. Destroyer propeller noises receding. We'll come to periscope depth for our return punch."

    "0715 Hours. Torpedo tubes 1, 2, 3 fired. Two destroyers hit and sinking. One of the enemy's last cargo ships coming into 'scope view - an ideal target position. On my mark... Fire Tube 4! Fire 5!"

    "Superb" raves Scott May in On Line, "strategic intensity and heart-pounding action have rarely been merged this successfully." Analog calls it flatly "the best submarine simulation so far." Compute comments "Silent Service's detail is astonishing." Join the more than 150,000 computer skippers who have volunteered for Silent Service, the naval action/tactics simulation - from MicroProse.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Apr 04, 2001.

Advertisement in Family Computing, January 1986:
    Another Great Simulation from Sid Meier - Author of F-15 Strike Eagle

    Now he takes you from the cold, thin air and limitless space of F-15 Strike Eagle down into the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean inside an American World War II submarine for a realistic, action-filled simulation -


    Thrill to the initial sighting of the enemy's strike force in your periscope as their ships come into your range. But watch out - the enemy's escorts have just sighted you. You're the hunter - but suddenly - you've become the hunted!

    As Commander, you must sink their ships and keep your submarine from being destroyed - if you can. Will you select a quiet patrol sector in the Marianas Islands or choose the dangerous waters off the coast of Japan? Is a submerged daylight periscope attack best or do you charge in on the surface at night using only radar bearings to guide you? Do you fire a spread of your precious torpedoes or can you close the range and pick off the enemy with a single torpedoe shot? These decisions and many more are yours to make as you take your place among the elite ranks of the SILENT SERVICE!

    It's exciting - and it's fun. It's another great Micro Prose simulation - and it's called SILENT SERVICE. Look for it now on your dealer's shelves.

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Apr 02, 2001.