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Smash T.V. Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Ocean presents
An Acclaim game
Smash TV!
The story
High score
Title screen
Here is our host
Arena 1
Please don't hurt me!
I'm cornered
Who's going to clean this mess up?
Time to leave
You can trust me, I will collect those powerups
In case you wonder, that's my eye flying above the playfield
I never knew a human could contain so much blood
It's a delicious shrapnel, I must eat it
Someone planted a mine amidst all the gold
Knee-high in carnage
Going home after a hard day's work
Total Carnage? Isn't that the follow-up?
Use your aura to clear the field
Crowd control
Wait, those aren't cameramen!?
Now they've brought in the heavy artillery
Clobbered by the crowd
The spiky drone will hunt me off to the next level
Tanks are always trouble
The rotating force field thing will protect me
Half man, half tank
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Those are not tears that he is crying
I didn't make the high score