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Within this game is the first appearance of the vicious Dorn beast, which chases you through the deadly glass maze trying to make tasty stew out of you.

The name of the beast, "Dorn," comes from the then current Infocom director of marketing, Mike Dornbrook. As is often the case, there was some degree of animosity between the people who write the games and the people who sell them. No one but the designers know what Mike did to be memorialized as a disgusting, greedy, slavering beast (who falls to his untimely death).

Contributed by Zaghadka (71) on May 04, 2004. -- edit trivia

In 1984, Sorceror was advertised on the back cover of Boy's Life magazine in an attempt by Infocom to reach a larger audience. The plan backfired when postal workers decided not to deliver that issue of the magazine on the grounds that it "advertised a satanic product".

Contributed by Alan Chan (3618) on Jun 14, 2002. -- edit trivia

(From The New Zork Times Vol.3 No.2 Spring 1984)

Some statistics about Sorcerer:

  • Apparent number of rooms (those seen by the player): 110
  • Number of rooms: 84
  • Number of different ways to die: 70
  • Number of words in vocabulary: 1011
  • Number of takeable objects: 41

Contributed by Belboz (6582) on May 10, 2000. -- edit trivia