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    Space Conquest: A Galactic Odyssey

    The year is 2112. Your ship has just arrived at the Neublinn galaxy. The Association of Solar Systems (AOSS) have given you orders to colonize a section of nine solar systems to AOSS specifications. As a veteran Captain of over 12 years, you sigh at the thought of yet another routine mission.

    Suddenly your senses come to attention as a transmission from your commanding officer begins scrolling over the communications screen. You slowly stand to your feet as you read the transmission. A powerful enemy vessel known as the Mancer, commanded by Admiral Necro, has just entered the Neublinn galaxy with intent to populate the very planets that you were ordered to colonize. The AOSS sees this as a threat to our race, and wants the Mancer eliminated. But how?

    The Mancer is far too powerful of a machine to be taken by your colonization ship. You will need the support of the surrounding solar systems in order to assure a successful mission. Good Luck!

    . Discover nine different solar systems

    . Scan and colonize over 80 different planets

    . Use the right combination of marines, colonists, linguists, and scientists for your landing shuttle.

    . Communicate with four different alien races.

    . Engage in dogfights with the Mancer's fighter crafts

    . Striking graphics and sound.

    Contributed by jeff leyda (1754) on Apr 19, 2003.