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Space Racer Credits (Atari ST)

Space Racer Atari ST Title


Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Space Racer Credits


AuthorPascal Jarry
GraphicsBruno Masson
AssistantYvanovitch Gaidonov
MusicMichel Winogradoff (M.W.)

Credits (Manual)

Produced byDenis Friedman
Product ManagerDavid Ross
IBM PC / Tandy Version byPascal Jarry
Atari ST Version byPascal Jarry
Commodore Amiga Version byJean Pierre Vitulli
Package DesignJoanna K. Stern
Graphics byBruno Masson, Yvanovitch Gaidonov, Marco de Flores
Music byMichel Winogradoff
Special thanks toGary Carlston, Latricia Turner, and the Brøderbund Quality Assurance Staff

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