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Made me purchase an Atari ST Neepie Lantern (535) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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100 (Jul, 2005)
Tja, und nun zum Resümee: Speedball 2 ist schnell, spaßig, hart und stylisch. Gerade die alternativen Möglichkeiten, mehr Punkte zu bekommen (Multiplikator, Bonusfelder, Gegner kaputt prügeln) üben einen enormen Reiz aus. Dazu noch der nette kleine Pseudo-Manager, und fertig ist eines der coolsten Sportspiele, die es gibt. Zehn Punkte und eine unbedingte Empfehlung, zumal das Genre "surreales Sportspiel" in heutiger Zeit quasi nicht mehr existent ist.
Right from the initial intro sequence, the entire thing simply oozes a class and quality that is rarely found in a lot of games. Dan Malone's graphics are nothing short of spectacular, with brilliantly animated sprites and metallic backdrops, and the sound is a treat to the ears, with thumps, groans, cheers and the clang of the ball rebounding off the walls! The playability holds it all together, of course, and it generates a sort of addictive power that it's almost impossible to put the joystick down once you start playing. Overall, a totally brilliant sequel, and a magnificent game in it's own right. To put it bluntly, if you don't get this immediately, you must be completely round the twist!
The One (Nov, 1990)
Both Management and Gym sections are welcome additions (one of the things that most Speedball players asked for was more flexible control of the teams) and, for once, do have a noticeable effect on the game itself - just try buying one of the Star Players and see what happens! Dan Malone's stunning visuals give the whole thing the polished look it deserves, and presentation is flawless, right down to the wailing sirens of the Medic Droids as they transport an injured player off the pitch! Speedball II is a tremendous improvement over its illustrious predecessor. You simply cannot do without it.
ST Format (Jan, 1994)
[Budget re-release] Speedball 2 is as close to perfection as they come: a one-player game, loving every minute of being on your ST, exuding its radiation at you with the smug satisfaction of knowing it's bloody difficult to beat; a two-player game over which wars have been settled, battles have been won and lost, family arguments have been started (”Tommy, get down here for your tea this minute!"), and innumerable joysticks have been laid to rest. Possibly the ST’s finest hour to date; at just under 30 quid a must, at just under a tenner a sheer, unprecedented sine qua non. Buy it.
Raze (Jan, 1991)
What the Bitmaps have here is a remarkably playable and even more violent future sports game, with extra points on the pitch and very useable manager section that give it a variety and an element of strategy that Speedball lacked. Plus the fact that no expense has been spared on the sound or the graphics. Some rich soul would have to bribe me hideous amounts of money not to like this game, any offers Hewson...?
Zero (Jan, 1991)
So the question is: Is Speedball 2 better than the original Speedball? The answer, of course, is: who cares? Both games stand up and crap on most others from a great height. I'd look on the original as a good way of weaning yourself onto the sequel. All the tactics of the first can be used in the second, as well as a few sly underhand, cunning, new ones as well, especially the 'after-touching' of balls (rugby shower-rooms again you see) and actually killing other players (rugby yet again).
Play Time (May, 1991)
Zwar nur 16 Farben für ST-Fans, aber die kommen äußerst wirkungsvoll heraus, und wenn das Scrolling auch ein bißchen eckig ist, was solls - Sie haben ohnehin keine Zeit, um darauf zu achten. Die Toneffekte sind okay, erreichen jedoch nicht Amiga-Qualität. Trotzdem eine ganz heiße Sache.
Well brutal graphics and splash screens, but I was a little disappointed with the lack of any digitised screams when you pummel the opposition into the ground. Rhythm King's Nation 12 (John Foxx with some ex-Fall and Bomb the Bass characters) produced the meltdown mix on the title screen - the muffled quality of the sampled instruments actually improves the overall effect of this dance track. The game slows down slightly when players move horizontally. The version reviewed came as a pre-production disk and photocopied manual, the Bitmap Brothers told us it was 98% finished. The only things left to do were "minor tweaks" to the game.
ST Format (Jan, 1991)
One of the best things about Speedball was the ability to really rub someone's face in it when you scored a goal. This version goes one better by including slow motion replays of the goal. Speedball 2 is more of the same but it's extremely well done and a superb game.
Atari ST User (Mar, 1991)
Often copied but never bettered, Speedball 2 has to be the finest future sport game available. The graphics are excellent and make for a real show-piece. The sound, too, is nothing short and brilliant, the up-tempo rhythm providing the perfect atmosphere. Combine the first class presentation with outstanding gameplay and you've got it. If you liked Speedball you'll love Speedball 2.
Atari ST User (Apr, 1994)
The futuristic theme is taken up in the attractive appearance of the game. The metallic-looking sports arena is clearly set out and so none of the action is missed. The sound track is good and it's a shame that the music could not be continued throughout the game instead of rather sparse sound effects. All in all though, it's a great game with plenty of action and the management side of having to develop a strategy and build your team variety.
Von der technischen Seite präsentiert sich Speedball II bestens. Ich jedenfalls wüßte keinen Punkt, den ich zu kritisieren hätte: Das Scrolling ist flüssig, die Animation der Spieler gut, und die Soundeffekte passen zum Spiel. Auch die Steuerung ist exakt und einfach handzuhaben, ganz so, wie man es vorn Original her gewöhnt ist. Speedball II ist wirklich eine Klasse für sich! Die Neuerungen sind durchweg als positiv zu bezeichnen - das Spiel macht nun noch mehr Spaß, ist noch motivierender und gehört in jede Spielesammlung. Was soll ich noch sagen? Am besten nichts, überzeugt Euch lieber selbst von diesem Klassespiel!
Power Play (Feb, 1991)
Wo werden Mannschaften für 200 Jahre gesperrt, die während des Spiels den Schiedsrichter foltern? Bei "Speedball" natürlich, jener liebenswerten Sportart des 21. Jahrhunderts, welche das Programmierteam "Bitmap Brothers" vor zwei Jahren erfand. Beim Nachfolger "Speedball 2" wurde die harte Mannschaftssportart in jeder Hinsicht aufgemöbelt. Zur kernigen Action beim Gerangel um einen Stahlball kamen eine Portion Trainerstrategie, ein größeres Spielfeld und neue Wege, um Punkte zu erzielen.