Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US):

    Why read science-fiction when you can live it!

    STAR COMMAND gives you the exhilarating excitement that only the best science-fiction novels can deliver.
    And more.
    Because, in this multiple-character role-playing game, you don't read about the adventure -- you live it!
    You create a special force of eight startroopers by selecting characters with different levels of strength, speed, courage, intelligence, psychic powers and other skills.
    Your first mission: Locate the infamous Blackbeard and destroy his band of intergalactic pirates -- a monumental task given the thousands of planets that make up this game universe. With guidance from Armed Forces Headquarters, you'll search planets and explore dungeon-like hideouts for clues to Blackbeard's home base. Along the way, you'll battle his minions in hand-to-hand and ship-to-ship combat.
    With each successful foray, your crew will gain fighting experience, rise in rank and carry more powerful weapons such as ions guns, bacterial-infestation grenades and thunderbolt rifles.
    Upon completion of your first task (should you survive it at all!), you'll battle more than smugglers -- you'll take on an entire alien, insectoid race! Your orders: Uncover enemy invasion plans and use them to destroy the insect's main battle ships.

    STAR COMMAND. Where all your spaceborn fantasies come alive.

    Contributed by Zeikman (3496) on Dec 20, 2008.