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Advertising Blurbs

Back of box cover:
    You have completed your training at the Academy. Now is the time to see if those long hours in the simulator pay off as you accept command of one of the most powerful fighting ships in the known universe - the Invincible class heavy cruiser. Your mission: Protect the outer regions of the Alliance from the invading warships of the evil Krellan and Zaldron empires. You enter hyperspace confident of success, and emerge in the Deneb IV region - to find yourself surrounded by Krellan destroyers... The War Begins!

    STAR FLEET I "The War Begins!" is the first in a series of advanced battle - action - strategy programs designed with the "FLEET" concept. You become an officer of "STAR FLEET" and compete with friends to progress from rookie Cadet in the Academy to the illustrious rank of Admiral. You are automatically given more challenging missions as your command abilities improve, and are awarded decorations for outstanding performances as a Starship Commander. Promotions and awards are stored in your service record located on your STAR FLEET I playing diskette.

    STAR FLEET I battle action starship simulations are loaded with excitement and feature color animation of battles, sound effects, music and require high-level strategy to defeat an intelligent enemy. Ship movements and torpedo tracks are displayed on the tactical display. You can see, hear (and some claim, even "feel") the impact of explosions that occur during each encounter with the invading forces.

    Features of STAR FLEET I The War Begins!

    • Full color battle action animation
    • Screen displays use advanced "Window" feature
    • Enemy tactical and strategic movement
    • Thirteen starship systems simulated
    • More than 20 commands available
    • Sophisticated weapons fire control systems - auto/manual
    • Damage control for repairing starship systems
    • Tractor beam, transporters and space marines for capturing and towing enemy vessels
    • Internal starship security to protect vital systems and deal with enemy intruders
    • Choice of 36 starships for command assignments
    • Four independent defensive energy shields
    • Sound can be toggled on/off
    • Save/resume feature for saving games in progress
    • Special awards and Star Fleet promotions
    • Plus lots more...!!!

    The STAR FLEET I package includes:

    • A comprehensive 100-page Officer's Manual
    • THE FLEET master software diskette
    • Quick reference card
    • Product registration card
    • 70-page Officers Academy Training Manual

    What software reviewers think of STAR FLEET I

    "I call STAR FLEET I the world's most elaborate star battles's not just a game, it's darned near a career...It's a lot of fun, and Wow! it is spectacular in color." - Jerry Pournelle, BYTE

    "Indisputably the most complex and challenging [star battles] strategy game ever made...STAR FLEET I is a deluxe job all the way." - Computer Entertainment

    "The netire manual should be adopted as an industry standard for clear, concise, well-organized documentation...rejoice, STAR FLEET I is a truly captivating game, providing fast-paced action and blossoming with extraordinary color and sound effects." - Creative Computing

    "STAR FLEET I is a remarkably slick, professional offering...This is a game that can really hold your attention." - Software Now!

    "STAR FLEET I is the best strategy/role playing game in a long time..." - ANTIC, The Atari Resource

    "...simulation game(s)...are intellectual/action games where a lot of complex decision-making is required...a great example of this genre is a game for the IBM PC called STAR FLEET I..." - John Dvorak, San Francisco Chronicle

    "...state-of-the-art for space games." - Computer Gaming World

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Mar 30, 2001.