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Starflight Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Will the space police really come to vaporize pirates?
Start menu -- walk to your next option
Starting a new crewmember
That should do nicely
Tricking out our vehicle
Let's get this show on the road
Here we go!
Leaving planetary orbit behind
This solar system is history!
Okay, our ship seems in reasonably good condition
Looks like there was something interesting out there, if only we hadn't run out of fuel before reaching it!
Options menu.
Trade Depot.
Galactic Star Map.
Orbiting a picture.
Landed successfully.
Exploring a planet in the terrain vehicle.
Zoomed out view of planet's surface.
Icon key.
Icon key continued.
Planet analysis.
A message from the Old Empire in a ruin.
Scanning an ice planet.
Scanning a ship.
Mechan 9 - a group of androids.