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Static Credits (Atari ST)

Static Atari ST Title screen and main menu (Falcon, VGA)


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Static Credits


Game conceptLeon O'Reilly (as Mr Pink)
ProgrammingLeon O'Reilly (as Mr Pink)
SamplesLeon O'Reilly (as Mr Pink)
GraphicsNathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
DesignNathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
DocumentationNathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
High Score ConceptNathasha Lomas (as Ripley)
Logos, Font, Additional GraphicsKevin Dempsey (as sh3)
MusicMalcom Grant (as MSG)
DSP Replay RoutineDavid Tattersall (as Tat / Avena)
(c) 1998Reservoir Gods

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jo ST (24071)