Substation Credits (Atari ST)

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Substation Credits


Game design & concept, storyline, project managementPeter Zetterberg
Chief Programmer, group leader, 3D game design, MIDI, polygon routinesMikael Emtinger
3D Game design, polygon routines, level design, AI-programmingOskar Burman
3D game design, panel programming, map editor, menu system, MIDIOlov Johansson
DD‑Audio, additional programmingTord Jansson
Real‑time bitmap zoomerHans Härröd
Intro programming, Game Operating System, researchCarl Lundqvist
Main graphicsRikard Hultman
Music & sound effectsErik Tilleby
Menu musicPeter Andersson
Sub level musicChristian Åkerhielm
Cover photoKalle Slättergren
QA, moral supportMagnus Zetterberg
Manual design, linguistic conceptPer Almered
End‑of‑game graphicsMagnus Nordberg

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