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ST Format (Dec, 1991)
Terminator 2 is going to sell by the ton. Not because it's a great game, but because of the film and the fact it's got Arnie's phizog plastered all over the packaging. If you're taken in by the hype that surrounds this film, then you'll have bought a poor quality game. It's strung together on a theme that follows scenes from the film quite closely, but isn't much fun to play.
Atari ST User (Apr, 1993)
The plot of the game is loosely based on the plot of the film. I have to admit that when it first arrived I was quite impressed by the presentation of, but that all stopped though when I started to play it.
Terminator 2 spielt sich durch und durch träge. Am spaßigsten sind noch die Level, in denen Arm bzw. Gesicht Arnolds zur Regeneration ‘zusammengeschustert‘ werden müssen. Aber auch dies kann nicht begeistern, genausowenig wie das T2-T-Shirt, das dem Programm beiliegt. Tja, ‘Hasta la vista, Ocean‘, das war wohl nichts!
Power Play (Jan, 1992)
Ocean schafft es einfach nicht, eine teuer erworbene Lizenz in ein vernünftiges Spielkonzept umzusetzen. Die Levels sind wahllos aus dem Film gegriffen und laufen meist auf eine langweilige Geschicklichkeitsprobe hinaus, die weder Prozessor, noch Joystick oder Spielerhirn fordern. Insgesamt schneidet die C-64-Version am besten ab; es steckt ein wenig mehr Mühe dahinter. Die Steuerung ist präziser und nicht so ungenau wie bei den 16-Bit-Versionen. Die Musik tropft allerdings wie in alten VC-20 Zeiten aus dem Lautsprecher: Von nettem, begleitendem Hintergrundsound keine Spur. Das Spiel ist nur den hartgesottensten Terminatoren zu empfehlen.
Atari ST User (Dec, 1991)
Add to this two puzzles bits where you have to rebuild bits of Arnie to get some energy back, and you've got yet another formula Ocean tie-in. I mean, come on guys, where's the inspiration? Why not try something different or wouldn't that sell enough copies? Yet another great movie turned into a repetitive and dull spin-off. RoboCop 3 had better be something very, very special...
Retro Gamer (Oct, 2004)
Stupid sub-games aside though, the rest of the game was just as poor. Graphically it was OK for the time, but the gameplay was dull, repetitive, simple and clunky. The one-on-one fights had hardly any moves and it was basically a case of how fast you could tap the fire button. The ‘chase’ scenes were more like public-domain demos than Hollywood action sequences, and success was down to nothing more than remembering the route. Perhaps the inclusion of a platforming section would have saved the game from the scrapheap – perhaps. We’ll never know. The game’s biggest crime though was that you could complete it in under six minutes. By our calculations, that means you could complete the game around 23 times during the film’s original running time – although attempting such a feat could leave you irreparably damaged.