Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Main menu
Select a plane for combat mission
Select from several dependant on plane selection
Flight battle map
Mission briefing summary
In our Spitfire getting rid of the Stuka's fighter escort BF109's
Another pair of escort fighters BF109's
Dispatching the BF109's the real target is the Stuka's to our left
We must tune our radio to continue (copy protection)
Code wheel numbers entered now we see the battle space and can continue
Another BF109 down and more join the fight
Fighter escort gone. I start to destroy the slow Stuka's before they can bomb the ships below
This mission we are flying a BF109e fighter escort for bombers ahead. We just dispatched a Hurricane going down.
Bombers taking flak from the ships but the bombs are hitting the ship with some splash miss
Another Hurricane pilot bails from his fighter as our bombers circle for home
Fighters now cleared from our bombers they are heading home
Our airfield ahead
Success and a good meal in France for our Luftwaffe pilots
Scrambling from our airfield as BF110's make a bomb run on us taking off
Just off the runway we dispatch one of the BF110's
Do17's heading for the airfield. Debris from machine gun hits as they fly just over my canopy
Trying to catch the Do17's before bomb release
One down as it explodes
German airman that bailed out as the Do17's went down from my Spitfire's left wing view
Land at our home airfield with all BF110's destroyed along with the Do17's. Airfield hit but still at 60%
Flying the Dornier Do 17z-2 Medium Bomber. Key press Alt-v provides the program version 1.0 and the month/day/year of the code release 7/24/90.
The side gunner position shows a Spitfire going down and the pilot bails out.
Shooting from the dorsal gunner the fighter is on fire and about to explode.
Flying the Junkers Ju 88A-1 Medium Bomber just behind our flight leader along with Bf 109e escort fighters.
So close but a near miss on the fighter plane factory. Also from the bombardier position below you can see Spitfire fighters climbing for altitude to tangle with the bombers.
Fighter shot down from the belly gunner position splashes into the English Channel.
Nose gunner position on the Ju 88A-1 with a damaged Spitfire in the distance.
Captured after bombing a Hurricane factory and had to ditch the bomber over England.