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Th!nk Cross Credits (Atari ST)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Th!nk Cross Credits


ProgramJohann Schilcher
DesignJohann Schilcher
SoundJohn Wood
Title SongJohn Wood
Beta TestersDieter Bernauer (Berni), Christian Freis, Thomas Hüttmayr, Johann Reitinger
Many Thanx toSigrid [for her love and her support in bad times], everyone from Max‑Design, Christian Freis (Chrissie; for testing the game), Thomas Hüttmayr (Hütti; for testing the game), Johann Reitinger (Joe; for testing the game), Dieter Bernauer (Berni; special thanx for untiring testing and searching for bugs), Klaus [for guitar material), Madonna (for musical support without her knowledge; for inspiration and musical background]), Tribe Called Quest [for musical support without their knowledge], The Fall [for musical support without their knowledge; for inspiration and musical background], David Bowie (for musical support without his knowledge), Aztec Camera [for inspiration and musical background], Boo-yaa Tribe [for inspiration and musical background], Neneh Cherry (for inspiration and musical background), Lloyd Cole (for inspiration and musical background), Ry Cooder (for inspiration and musical background), Go-Betweens [for inspiration and musical background], Holly Johnson (for inspiration and musical background), Hoodoo Gurus [for inspiration and musical background], Jungle Brothers [for inspiration and musical background], Kraftwerk [for inspiration and musical background], Londonbeat [for inspiration and musical background], Mantronix [for inspiration and musical background], Massive Attack [for inspiration and musical background], Microdisney [for inspiration and musical background], Queen Latifah (for inspiration and musical background), Nancy Sinatra (for inspiration and musical background), Joe Smooth (for inspiration and musical background), Soup Dragons [for inspiration and musical background], Ten City [for inspiration and musical background], Tribe Called Quest [for inspiration and musical background], Van Morrison (for inspiration and musical background), Carl Barks (for all the great Duck-stories - whish I would have your fantasy!), Ross Macdonald (for Lew Archer), Danielle Berry (for M.U.L.E.), Bill Bunten (for M.U.L.E.), Jim Rushing (for M.U.L.E.), Alan Watson (for M.U.L.E.), Faster Than Light [for Dungeon Master], Bullfrog [for Populous], Eberhard Forcher (for making it possible to listen to the radio even in Austria!), Everyone who bought this game; thank you and have fun!, ‑ J.S.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (232697)