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The playability, though, is what makes or breaks the game, and this has it in abundance. Once the rather difficult controls are overcome, it's blasting-a-go-go, and you'll really be in the thick of it. A brilliant shoot 'em up, and a game that you'll come back to again and again.
The shading can be switched off to increase speed slightly but the merging of craft sections and changing colours that results is so offputting that it's not worth it. Besides, even with shading, 3-D movement's pretty smooth and fast, TV-like ! racking shots particularly good. Effects are weak but gameplay's fast, furious and fun.
One of the main pluses of the game is that the game is very easy to play and get into (unlike many flight sims) and this certainly helps the addiction level. A slick, sophisticated shoot-em-up.
ST Format (Aug, 1990)
Progressing through the levels brings more and more complex assortments of aliens to obliterate. Although they certainly keep the game challenging and turn your trigger finger blue, there aren't enough variations to each level to make this a classic. Nevertheless, with such innovative graphics, it's certain to scale the software charts.
Zero (Oct, 1990)
On the PC, Thunderstrike was an extremely fast vector graphic shoot 'em up. The ST version has maintained the vector graphics but lost a lot of the speed and consequently the excitement. It's also slightly more difficult to control your craft. Conversely the game itself is quite a bit easier - unless my Thunderstrike skills have improved dramatically over the last couple of weeks. However, although it has lost some of its cutting edge in the conversion Thunderstrike is still fairly exciting stuff - albeit a bit thin.
ST Format (May, 1992)
[Budget re-release] The graphics aren't spectacular, but they zip about quite quickly - enough to get you confused, at least. The sound effects deserve a mention because they're so awful. As the massive power burst that's your shot emerges from your ship, it's accompanied by a ridiculous "plock" sound that curls up and dies as soon as it hits the air. Pah. Good, solid blasting, but nothing to keep you up nights.
Power Play (Oct, 1990)
Das darf doch nicht wahr sein! Auch wenn der Amiga grafisch ein wenig mehr kann als der Atari ST, darf bei der Umsetzung doch nicht eine deartige Farbarmut herauskommen! Zusätzlich krankt "Thunderstrike" an denselben Symptomen wie die Amiga-Version.
Upon first play of the game, one might think that Thunderstrike is just another run-of-the-mill, "shoot-'em-up" arcade game. However, after closer inspection, this reviewer came to the realization that Thunderstrike is fast-paced, requires a modicum of thought, and is addicting.