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Z-Out Screenshots (Atari ST)

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Main menu
Legal bit
Main credits
High scores
Game start
Those fish are a common occurrance
A network of blobs
Action aplenty here
Watch the top of the screen
The central one is the one that needs shooting
Some mounds
The first boss
Level 2 in 2-player mode
Possibly-guided missiles coming at me
Power ups are limited in 2 player games
A pretty butterfly, but I must shoot it
A lizard and a fish
A mazier part
End of level boss
Level 3 start, on my tod this time
Some alieny things
Chaos, but with some power-ups
There's action on the sea bed
Level 4 using colour cycling for the backdrop
The white flash is an enemy being shot
Mounted turrets
Another wave comes through
A barrier to blast out
Mid-level boss
Platforms to dodge, and lots more
Level 4 boss
Level 5
Watch what that thing shoots at you
Got to wit for a gap here
Shoot out the cylinders
Two distinct routes here
Have to go low here
Jumping baddies
The token metallic world is the last one
Tight squeeze here
That's taking some damage
Oh, the humanity