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What do you mean "#1 arcade hit it Japan"?! NES Multimedia Mike (20353)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 Awaiting 5 votes...
NES 16 1.6
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Combined User Score 16 1.6

Critic Reviews

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Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Jan, 1988)
It could of been one of the best of it's genre, but as it stands. it's just very good.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Nov, 1987)
A tough, but enjoyable arcade adventure which has its moments.
With its well-defined graphics and competent sound this game could have been very addictive; it has animation and features that are potentially engrossing but it is virtually unplayable.
ZX SpectrumASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Oct, 1987)
ATHENA wäre somit ein gutes Spiel, wenn nicht, ja wenn es nicht viel zu schwer wäre. Viel zu oft rasen die Gegner nämlich in einem Affentempo und in großer Anzahl auf das arme Mädchen zu, so daß man keine Chance hat, rechtzeitig zu reagieren. Schon nach kurzer Zeit stellte sich deshalb bei mir ziemlich großer Frust ein, denn ich kam einfach nicht voran. Klar, daß ein solches Manko den Spielwert erheblich mindert. Leider lag die C-64-Fassung nicht vor, so daß nur zu hoffen bleibt, daß diese etwas spielbarer ist. Denn dann wäre ATHENA ein Superspiel. Den Spectrum-Fans kann ich aber leider nur den Psycho Soldier empfehlen, sorry.
Commodore 64Power Play (1987)
Vorsicht! Wer angesichts der faden Grafik gleich den Computer ausschaltet, könnte etwas versäumen. Athena hat einfarbige Sprites und langweilige Hintergrundgrafiken, aber spielerisch kann das Programm Boden gutmachen. Das liegt vor allem daran, daß sehr viele versteckte Extras gibt. Ansonsten wird allerdings wenig Neues geboten. Gegen die zahlreichen Gegner kann man nur durch rasantes Feuerknopfdrücken bestehen (wer einen schlechten Joystick hat, sieht arm aus). Die Grafik von Athena ist schwach, das Spielprinzip nicht uninteressant. Sehr durchschnittlich.
Commodore 64Tilt (Feb, 1988)
Le graphisme de ce programme (type jeu de plates formes) laisse perplexe, un style caricatural du type Peanut's, ce qui est un comble compte tenu de la créature sculpturale sensée représenter Athéna sur la jaquette d'emballage.
PSPPSP Minis (Aug 23, 2011)
If you have the patience and are willing to put the hours into this game, or if you had played Athena the first time round and actually enjoyed it, then G1M2’s latest installment may actually be worth the $2.99 for you. For the rest of us, however, I would advise steering well clear of this hugely frustrating and difficult game.
NESGame Freaks 365 (2005)
Athena is by far one of the worst games for the NES. It's amazing how many qualities of this game are well below even the likes of a game like Action 52. This is just all-around terrible. There is nothing here that will interest anyone. It's a cool idea with some cool features that went horribly wrong in the programming of said features. I don't think I've ever seen this many mistakes and poorly programmed oddities in any licensed game, ever. Stay away.
Everything is a cumbersome mess, and even the initially charming graphics get old as textures and enemies repeat. This is a game that desperately wants to be liked but ends up disappointing, as it lacks any substance to back up its bright, cheery appearance.
If you collect unknown games then go for it, but really, most of you should avoid it at all costs. The poor hit detection, boring gameplay and utter difficulty make it one of the worst action games I have ever played. Stay away from this crap like you would stay away from the plague, OK??
PSPDefunct Games (Jul 25, 2011)
Athena has a lot of promise, which makes the disappointment that much greater. You run around common RPG-style environments punching, kicking and slashing your way to victory. Unfortunately your standard attack barely registers and it's often hard to tell when you're attacking. Things get a little easier when you pick up an axe or hammer, but even then you'll have to contend with cheap shots that can kill in just one or two quick hits. The check points are nonexistent and the game is far too repetitive for its own good. I did appreciate the different special items our heroine can pick up, but it wasn't enough to take away the bad taste from my mouth.
16 (Jan, 2011)
The only real creative thing that Athena has going for it is that instead of having to save a bratty princess, you have to be a bratty princess. But who wants that? At least if you’re a beefcake like our friend Astyanax, you can say, “See ya later, babe” to the girl you’re rescuing and run off with the fairy chick who’s been by your side the whole time. But if you’re playing a bratty princess and you save the world, you’re only going to become more vain and pompous because you think you can do everything. Such women should be in other castles.