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Atomix Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen

Atari ST version

Company logo
Title screen
Game start
Selecting the piece to move
Level completed - the pieces are removed and added to the score one by one
Level 2 start
Thought I was close here, but the molecules weren't aligned in their exact positions
This level is easy to NEARLY complete, but a bit tougher to complete
Sliding the final piece into place is often an obstacle, as they can slide past the right setup
Did it in the nick of time
Level 3
One move from glory
Level 4
Didn't make it
High scores
Completed this time - most levels only have 1 possible site for the setup
Level 5 has 9 pieces - more than any so far
Moving them towards the bottom
Almost done - set so that the final 2 moves are unobstructed
The bonus game; slide the beakers to match the pattern on the left
They move on the same rules as the main game
Level 7 (bonus levels are included in the numbering)
Not even close this time
Level 8, this first to have a 4-row setup
Done in the nick of time again
Level 9 is smaller, with tight columns
Careful which order you move the pieces on
Out of time, so the screen fades
Monochrome monitor: title screen
Monochrome monitor: level 1
Monochrome monitor: level 2

Commodore 64 version

Get Ready
Level 1
When a piece is highlighted, it means that you are moving it
Wrong connection so far
Level completed
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
High Scores/Name Entry

DOS version

game title
main menu
level one start
moving atoms
level two
right solution
molecule of methanol
End of game. You'd expect some rewarding congrats animation after so many hours of fighting about all that chemistry... but you will have to be happy with this simple screen instead.