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Critic Reviews

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iPhoneSlide to Play (Nov 18, 2009)
Auditorium is immersive, intelligent, and an overall rewarding musical experience.
iPhoneappVersity (Nov 21, 2009)
EA’s Auditorium is as aesthetically pleasing as it is incredibly entertaining and addicting. The app premise of the game is basic yet innovative, the gameplay is challenging yet exhilarating. It’s an all around treat for the eyes, the ears, and your fingers. With a free Lite version available in the App Store there’s no reason for anyone to not at least give it a shot. Auditorium deserves to take a bow for delivering such a magnificent symphony for all of us gamers to enjoy. Bravo!
iPhonePocket Gamer UK (Nov 16, 2009)
Whatever you decide to pay, Auditorium is well worth the price. It's not art and it might not even be a game, but in parts it approaches sheer joy.
85 (Feb 11, 2009)
Né de l'esprit de deux créateurs inspirés, Auditorium enchante par son gameplay intelligent et par son univers sonore d'une grande profondeur. Le soft de Cipher Prime s'observe et s'écoute autant qu'il se joue et c'est justement là tout son intérêt. A mi-chemin entre oeuvre d'art et casse-tête, Auditorium vous plonge dans une autre dimension, un monde qui s'invente et s'épaissit au fur et à mesure de vos victoires. Aussi, nous vous invitons le plus sincèrement du monde à vous rendre sur son site officiel afin de tester la démo, puisque celle-ci vous parlera sans doute davantage que ces quelques lignes. Et qui sait, peut-être tomberez-vous également amoureux de ces petits bouts de musique qui s'agitent et n'attendent que votre souris pour s'ouvrir à la vie ? En tout cas, c'est tout ce qu'on vous souhaite.
PSPPSN Stores (May 05, 2011)
The only real downside is the lack of fresh content. If you’ve played the Flash version or Auditorium HD, you’ll find nothing new here. If you only have a PSP or want to experience Auditorium portably, this is $10 well spent.
iPhoneTouch Arcade (Nov 13, 2009)
The iPhone version of the game contains 25 levels across 5 different acts and naturally uses touch and pinch controls to adjust the placement and strength of the pieces. Additional "movements" (levels) can be purchased for $0.99 a piece, adding 14-17 levels per pack. Some of the more advanced pieces that affect particle movement are reserved for the add-on content. A Lite version of the game is also available which contains 5 different levels and starts off slightly more difficult to give you a better taste of the game. Auditorium is an original game that's worth a try if you've never experienced it before.
iPhoneappadvice (Nov 18, 2009)
This really is a great game. It has an original concept, looks and sounds great, and it’s a blast to play. If you’re not sure if this game is for you, try out the Free version first and see if it’s worth your three bucks.
iPhone148apps (Dec 07, 2009)
Auditorium is unusual, soothing, inventive, and extraordinarily pretty. If you’re looking for a sleek puzzle game, put this one on your list for sure.
PlayStation (UK) (Dec 17, 2010)
Still, if you've got the spatial aptitude for it, Auditorium is a swoonsome way to show off wand-waving 3D to your confused house guests.
iPhoneGameZebo (Dec 31, 2009)
Perhaps it's customer expectations. Perhaps the developer thought that charging five dollars for a full game would put people off from the typical 99 cents or $1.99 scheme. It's a shame. The full five-dollar Auditorium experience is well worth the money, and even the five level initial game is worth downloading. But it's hard not to feel bitter about getting a title piecemeal rather than a full, outright download. There is a "lite" demo version available, and you can even try it online for free in your browser. Going with the "flow" is a fabulous journey of discovery. It's too bad you'll be nickel-and-dimed along the way.