Avenging Spirit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Let's go.
Enemy above you.
Men with guns.
New body.
Searching for a new body.
End of level one.
End of level boss.
Destroyed the boss.
Found the map.
New guys to face.
Platform action.

Game Boy version

Title screen
Another part of the introduction
His daughter has been kidnapped.
First level
Your spirit has just a little bit time to find a new body.
You killed an enemy.
Who's faster?
New health
The gate to the final boss
The mech snake shoots a laser towards you.
Attack with bombs.
You destroyed the mech snake.
Stage 1 cleared.
Enter the second stage.
Your spirit in a kangaroo body
Your spirit changes bodies again.
Jump from platform to platform.
An evil robot
Game over
Title screen (Japanese release)

Official Screenshots

  • Avenging Spirit Screenshot
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  • Avenging Spirit Screenshot
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