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Windows 7 3.6
Combined User Score 7 3.6

Critic Reviews

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95 (Apr 25, 2002)
Druhý díl RPG série Avernum přináší málo nového po stránce herního systému, ale vůbec to nevadí, protože právě ten je pilířem všech RPGček od Spiderweb Software. Opět budete mít možnost vytvořit si družinu čtyř postav a postupně si jí "vypiplávat" - zlepšovat vlastnosti, dovednosti a samozřejmě získávat nové lepší předměty. Hlavní zápletkou v tomto díle je odplata Impéria, které poté, co skupina rebelů zabila císaře Hawthorna, vtrhlo do podzemního vyhnanství a začalo systematicky vybíjet všechny jeho obyvatele. Autoři tvrdí, že hra má několik možných konců (nepočítáme-li smrt vašich postav :-)), takže máte větší možnost ovlivnit dějiny. Co dodat? Snad jen, že pro pravé dungeonáře je to další pochoutka a Avernum 3 se připravuje...
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (May 06, 2002)
Take these criticisms with a grain of salt. Comparing Avernum 2, a shareware game, to the likes of Baldur’s Gate 2 or other successful, big budget RPG games is inherently unfair; but let it be known that Avernum 2 holds its own against those titles. If you are a fan of RPG games, you will enjoy Avernum 2. If you have to have eye and ear candy as part of your gaming experience, you may not appreciate the action and story of Spiderweb Software’s game; however if you are a fan of those great dungeon crawling games from back in the day, you will love Avernum 2.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Mar 08, 2001)
On the other hand, Avernum 2 wasn't really created for this crowd. It was created for the hardcore fan of RPGs who'd rather get lost under the depths of an intriguing (and surprisingly unique) story filled with adventure and danger; for those who want to be heroes but who's computers can't handle today's system requirements. Avernum 2 aims for a specific target audience, and it hits them dead on. Trouble is, that target just isn't really that large at the moment.
MacintoshMac Gamer (2000)
The core of Avernum 2 is Exile at heart; an Exile that's been cleaned up, streamlined, fine-tuned and expanded, but still Exile. The turn-based action, the plot depth, the spells, and the Giant, Intelligent, Friendly Talking Spiders, all of it is Exile. Fans of the original Exile series, Baldur's Gate players waiting for the multiplayer patch, and people looking for an RPG that's short on graphics but long on gameplay should check Avernum 2 out. People who want something a bit flashier, on the other hand, probably shouldn't.
WindowsElectric Games (May 08, 2001)
While Spiderweb Software has always been known for simple, yet entertaining role-playing games, I'd like to see them branch into something more extravagant. Their current games will never compete with a Baldur's Gate or Diablo, but I feel they could if the games were given added flash with modern graphics and sound. The story is always the central focus of a true role-playing experience, and they have carved out some interesting worlds with their series. Of course, Avernum 2 will run on low-end machines that do not feature fancy graphics cards or environmental audio, and they are budget priced. For a fast and fun RPG fix, Avernum 2 is worth tinkering around with. If it's Baldur's Gate you're expecting, this isn't the place to look. Bottom Line: Avernum 2 keeps to Spiderweb's tradition of entertaining yet simple RPG games. It runs on low-end systems, is budget priced, and is fun to play with. It won't be competing with Bioware's AD&D series, but can still manage to amuse.