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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Win3.x (English):
    The Valiant Victor Vector and his digital dog Yondo: Victor Vector & Yondo are the fearless field agents of the Museum of Fantastic Phenomena, home to hundreds of ancient, eerie artifacts. Your job, as archivist, is to direct the digital duo as they travel through time to recover unique items for this futuristic museum's collection.

    The Hypnotic Harp: In this adventure, you travel with Victor Vector & Yondo to ancient Rome, to the year 64 A. D.. Your job is to recover the magic harp used by the emperor Nero to enslave his subjects. But beware! Along the way, you will battle the gladiator Spiculus, evade the savage lion, compete in a chariot race and encounter Victor Vector & Yondo's arch-rival RAM Axis, the mysterious villain who pops up in a number of dastardly disguises!

    Will Good triumph over Evil? Only you can decide. So pick up the controls and guide Victor Vector and Yondo through the most fantastic comic book adventure. If you dare!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76469) on May 22, 2007.