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Essentially lives up to its name Amiga Martin Smith (66869)

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Amiga 6 4.0
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
FM Towns Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 6 4.0

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The plot of Awesome has you and the crew of the Elapidae arriving for a spot of trading in the Octarian system, only to find it's scheduled for obliteration by the Homikahn and their dreaded Promethean cannon. In true gameplay tradition, this apparently serves as a convenient excuse to destroy anything in your path while making your escape.
AmigaThe One (Dec, 1990)
Graphics and sound are well up to Reflections' usual high standard (the music is excellent), although some of the planetary sprites are bland and shapeless. What Awesome lacks in originality, it makes up for in variety and long-term playability. If you have the patience for a long and sometimes frustrating haul, you will be well rewarded.
'Good graphics and sonics alone do not a good game make'. All of the various sub-games are polished and playable, but none have any real depth and although Psygnosis have tried to keep disk accessing to a minimum, It's still a right royal pain in the jacksie. The option to minimize access by turning the sound off is a bit of a non-starter - how about just one atmospheric soundtrack that always stays in memory instead? Any road up, I had a good few hours of fun with Awesome but after that, even the nice graphics weren't enough to keep me playing. It's another tremendously stylish package from Psygnosis, but as far as gameplay goes, Awesome is a little disappointing.
AmigaAmiga Action (Jan, 1991)
You always knew the time would come when money was tight and the crew under you were becoming restless.
AmigaZzap! (Jan, 1991)
Maybe this should have been named Mediocre. After all, underneath the fancy packaging (and horrendous price tag) it's just a hotch-potch of game styles, with none of the subgames particularly strong. The trading aspect is also very limited and it's annoying that you can get stuck on a planet through lack of fuel –and then have to start from scratch as this hopeless situation has automatically become your stored position! As a glorified shoot'em up Awesome is fairly playable, but like most 'mega-games' it proves anticlimactic.
Atari STAtari ST User (Aug, 1991)
Psygnosis' space trading game isn't quite in the same league as the classic Elite, but still worth a look. You can trade your cargo on planets, wander around the surface of a planet and kill everything you see, and even fight off intergalactic space monsters in a frenzied shoot-'em-up scene. If you fancy an interesting space game, Awesome should satisfy your cravings well enough.
Fazit: Zu einem Hitstern hat es bei Awesome zwar nicht gelangt, doch könnt Ihr bei diesem Ballerspielchen mit dem gewissen Strategie-Touch ruhigen Gewissens zugreifen.
AmigaPower Play (Jan, 1991)
Das vierte Reflection-Spiel ist um einiges benutzerfreundlicher als die Vorgänger: Die langatmige Game-Over-Sequenz kann ausgeschaltet, erfolglose Handelsreisen können an bestimmten Punkten wieder aufgenommen werden. Trotz des "Viele-kleine-Action-Spielchen"-Prinzips, gefiel mir nach kurzer Eingewöhnung der geschickte Aufbau der ballerlastigen Handlung doch sehr gut. "Awesome" ist fair (jede Sequenz ist auch mit minimaler Bewaffnung und Ausrüstung zu schaffen), aber niemals zu leicht. Daß Grafik und Sound den Amiga voll ausnutzen, ist man von den Entwicklern inzwischen gewohnt: Awesome bringt zudem noch eine Menge Langzeit-Spaß.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Jan, 1991)
Langer Rede kurzer Sinn: Ein spielerisch sehr mittelmässiges Game, das nur seiner überragenden Präsentation nicht ganz unter „ferner liefen" abgehakt werden kann. Anders ausgedrückt – wer sich bereits die ersten beiden T-Shirts zugelegt hat, weiss schon ungefähr, was ihn erwartet…