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Axe of Rage Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen (US release)
Title screen
Choose your character
Hmm, this guy looks angry
A rather annoying bird like creature
Don't fall into that pit!
An enemy that's much larger than you!
The dinosaur swallowed my head.
Insert disk 2.
Battle with a goblin in the second level, the caves.
Oh no, this looks really bad...
Jumping over a pit. There's a hostile crab on the other side, and it will probably push me down to a certain death...
A giant prison-guard. This is from the third level.
I have to jump over this pit. I just have to be careful, so the tentacle doesn't grab me.
That didn't go to well...
There's toxic slime on the floor.

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Choose warrior or princess.
Title screen and main menu
Starting the game with the princess. I need to kill shorty, here.
He killed me. I lost a life.
I killed him.
Fighting another short monster.
I got to the other side of this pit.
Oooh! Big boy!
I went into the cave.
He bit my head off.
This thing is quick and has reach.
Starting the game as the warrior.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Choose your character
Fighting a large creature!
Not winning so far...
Fighting a much shorter creature

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Select Male or Female character
Title page.
The starting screen with your first monster
There is a puff of smoke behind me as a new monster appears
It's a dinosaur!
A caveman armed with a club
I've fallen into a pit

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen
The first screen
The barbarian fighting with his back to a chasm
Fighting against a huge caveman
Jumping over a hole
There are lots of weird enemies to beat up
Knocked down
Warrior selection
Stage 2 - Crab, coming to a menu near you
Stage 2 - Goblin beats everything!
Stage 2 - Hover monster thing
Stage 2 - Running from an orange jobbie
Stage 2 - A bad situation no matter how you look at it
Stage 3 - Cyan jelly of doom
Stage 3 - "No you come to this side!"
Stage 3 - Fighting an ogre
Stage 3 - When running away goes horribly wrong
Stage 3 - Oops, pit-monster wins
Final Stage - Probably the hardest part of the game
Final Stage - The Red Demon is easily beaten
Final Stage - Drax doesn't put up much of a fight either

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Menu screen (EGA)
Beginning a fight (EGA)
Watch out for that large dragon type thing! (EGA)
I might not be winning here... (EGA)
Yikes, prepare for battle! (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Choose your player (CGA)
Beginning a fight (CGA)
Oof, I've been hit (CGA)

MSX version

Loading screen
Title and credits screen
Beat this creature up
Don't fall into that hole
Beat the dragon
A space invader?
How do I cross the water?
Let's destroy that eye!
Another hole.
Some prisons
Avoid the fire balls

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen