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Ayayo's Live Affection Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

First image you see when booting up the game
Main menu
Title screen
Hey you! Want to participate in the Sex Olympics?
You meet the incredible Spider woman who shoots web from her crotch
That's just bizarre, also - smoking's bad. mkay
Oh hi there, totally not Chun-Li of Street Fighter fame
Gameplay? What gameplay? You just need to advance the text... nothing else
Split-screen pleasure

PC-98 version

Title screen
A new character appears...
...and teaches Ayayo a thing or two about sex
We have trained so much that we decide to take part... the Sex Olympics!
Apparently this is a very demonic thing
Start in Spain or Japan?
View of the stadium
The first round. Looks like an easy victory
Tomoko vs. an Egyptian character
One of the later "rounds"
Now the girls show what they are capable of