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Back to the Future Part III Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The buckboard chase
Can you rescue her
Avoid all obstacles
Too late! The stage coach fell in the ravine
Clara Clayton, R.I.P.
Riding through a canyon.
Riding into town.
Riding through town.
There's the run away carriage!
Saved her just in the nick of time!
Shooting gallery.
Nice shooting son! I learned to shoot like that at 7-11.
Sure, I'll take some more pie!
Buford wants to get me!
Pie fight.
A group of ducks is crossing the path!
Arrrggh... I took too many hits!
Let's go Marty! Where Doc? Back to the Future!!
On train.
A bandit stands in the way.
Getting knocked off the train.

Amstrad CPC version

Image Works logo
Probe logo
Title screen
Main menu
Level 1
Save your girl before the stage coach reaches the ravine
Ride your horse and avoid obstacles
You didn't make it in time!

Atari ST version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Intro sequence 2
The buckboard chase
Try to avoid all obstacles
The ravine
The town
You almost rescued her...
Just in time!
Duck shooting
Shoot the guy in the upper window on the left
Pie throwing
Throw a pie to all the bad guys

Commodore 64 version

One of the level introductions
Buckboard Chase
Ducking under a rock
Jumping over a gap
Fell off your horse
Shooting at a bandit
The ravine
Hill Valley
"I'm a-comin', sweetheart"
Shooting gallery
Shot a gull
Don't shoot grandma
Pie throwing
Throwing a cream pie
One more hit and you'll die
Too late...
The train
Climbing a ladder
Knocked off the train
Face-to-face with one of the mechanics
Hitting the mechanic
Collect the speed logs to raise the boiler temperature

DOS version

Level 1: Buckboard Chase.
Doc Brown jumps and ducks obstacles and shoots enemies in a side-scrolling sequence...
...and in a top-down intermission.
Level 2: Shooting Gallery.
Well, it's a shooting gallery. That's it.
Level 3: Pie Throwing
Knock out the Bufford gang with delicious cream pies.
Level 4: The Train
Jump and duck obstacles that whiz by while the train gains speed.
Engineers and gangsters confront Marty as he makes his way to the engine.

Genesis version

Title screen
Doc and Marty
That's the bad ending. Happens if you don't succeed. Okay?
Damn you, Tannen!
Sure, pies make a great answer to bullets!
On the train!
Isometric pie-throwing level. Be careful not to hit those cute ducks!
Fell down from a train
The lion is indifferent to the fight
FPS level

SEGA Master System version

Title Screen
Level 1 Intro
Level 1
Level 1 Failure
RIP Clara

ZX Spectrum version

First load screen
Second load screen
Third load screen and credits. There are a few of these.
Game options and more credits
Key definition
The game has a 'story board' style introduction
The next bit of scene setting
So off I go, chasing the buckboard
Of course I must dodge the flying boulders...
Leap obstacles my horse doesn't like
I thought the chest would be some kind of power up, turns out to be an obstacle
I must also avoid flying axes
When all lives are gone, so is the buckboard.
Nice bit of humour in the replay screen
... both of them