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Xbox 360Game Revolution (Jul 08, 2011)
Just do yourself a favor and download the demo. It's still a football game, but Backbreaker Vengeance is so far from a sim, it's hard to say any given gamer couldn't enjoy it, no matter their tastes.
Xbox 360Worth Playing (Jul 24, 2011)
Depending on what you're looking for, Backbreaker Vengeance will either disappoint or satisfy. Those looking for a more brutal, arcade-style version of Madden would be better served with either the original Backbreaker or Blitz: The League II, as the lack of true football gameplay does limit the title. For those looking to tackle or outrun guys, the various challenges up the ante for what you can and can't do on the field. The scoreboard's constant updates feed the addiction of running the same courses in pursuit of higher scores. At 1200 Microsoft points, though, Backbreaker Vengeance feels a little pricey for what's offered. Give the free demo a shot, but don't be surprised if you end up purchasing it later.
Xbox (UK) (Jul 01, 2011)
Ultimately, you can think of this as a step in the right direction. The first Backbreaker struggled with the central mechanics (although a post-release patch worked wonders). The second game only really struggles with the over-optimistic pricing. (1200 points might not seem much to quibble about, but compared to the 800 Ubisoft is charging for Beyond Good & Evil HD, say, it’s hard to defend here.) Next time out, then, we should be in for something special.
Xbox 360Gamestyle (2011)
Backbreaker doesn't do anything wrong as such and it seems to tick all the right boxes, it just feels a little flat as a package, it will be played for a good solid period then will likely be forgotten about as newer titles come out. You'd be foolish to not even give this game look though.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games (Jul 09, 2011)
If my first time with this game wasn’t with a friend my impression would have been soured. To only play the game on your own would be dull, and at best somewhat tiresome. Playing with another person comes recommended; it’s much more fun. Like kicking a ball against a wall, it’s much better when someone else is doing it with you.
Xbox 360ZTGameDomain (Jul 13, 2011)
There really isn’t much else I can say about Backbreaker Vengeance other than I had a good time with it; and in the end isn’t that all that matters? Sure, the price point is steep and the modes are limited, but the sheer in-and-out fun you can have really is enjoyable. I say take the demo for a spin and, if you dig what it offers, you might want to lay down the money for the full version just for leaderboards and online play. I still wish we could see an NFL licensed game using this engine, but for now, I will continue to bash some heads with Vengeance.
Xbox (Jul 12, 2011)
Wer mit dem Arcade-Titel einen ernsthaften Konkurrenten für den auch dieses Jahr voraussichtlich nicht in Deutschland erscheinenden Madden-Ableger erwartet, dürfte enttäuscht werden. Doch als Geschicklichkeits- bzw. Reaktionsübung mit American Football-Hintergrund samt krachender Tacklings ist Backbreaker Vengeance gelungen. Mit gut 50 Herausforderungen in drei Modi für Solisten plus spezieller Abschnitte für Splitscreen-Duelle kann man Spaß am Sport haben, ohne sich dezidiert für American Football interessieren zu müssen. Die Online-Gefechte gegen maximal vier Spieler haben neben den Ranglisten das Zeug, die Langlebigkeit von Vengeance zu verlängern – wenn die Lag-Probleme sowie die fehlerhaften Tabellen-Downloads behoben werden. Nachdem der Vollpreis-Vorgänger in erster Linie an mechanischen Problemen scheiterte, ist das neue Konzept auf einem guten Weg. Um langfristig zu motivieren, fehlt es allerdings an inhaltlicher Abwechslung.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Jun 30, 2011)
Realistic animations and a satisfying two-player mode make Backbreaker: Vengeance fun for a while, but that quickly fades away.
Xbox 360Cheat Code Central (2011)
It's clear from this game that NaturalMotion is an immensely talented developer, and that future versions of Backbreaker should be a lot of fun. They've come a long way since botching the original game. It's unfortunate, though, that they decided to make Vengeance a trumped-up minigame collection that's hard to control instead of a simple and fun arcade football game.
Xbox 360IGN (Jun 30, 2011)
Anyone hoping for an arcade football experience won’t find what they’re looking for here; this is no NFL Blitz. Backbreaker Vengeance provides a few rounds of fun, but the control problems, price point, and lack of variety and real football stand as glaring indicators that this experience probably should have stayed on a mobile platform.
Xbox 360Official XBox Magazine (Jun 29, 2011)
As a cheap, on-the-go timewaster (like the $1 Backbreaker: Tackle Alley for iPhone), this game might work. But at $15, forget it.