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Backpacker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Call home when you need more money.
You start with only a credit card and your passport.
At the airport
Some info about the country
Flying to London
London map
Check in to a hotel
You'll need to answer some questions. Your answers determinate what job you can get.
I have taken a job as an sports journalist.
Title screen and main menu

This is the sign in screen. This being the UK version the game starts in London, England and the starting capital is in UK pounds. English
The journey begins. These are the flights that are available from London. There are no options by sea or train. English
Before embarking on a flight the game allows the player to verify that they want to pay for the trip. Some trips are too expensive until more cash is earned. English
Flying from London, England to Lisbon, Portugal.

The map of Lisbon. Most icons represent a tourist sight in the city but there's also one for the hotel, job hunting, brief facts on Portugal, and the airport. English
This is typical of kind of picture / information supplied when a tourist icon is selected.

This is typical of the screen that is displayed when the hotel icon is selected. The player must have a place to stay before they can look for a job English
Basic information on the country, in this case Portugal.

Once checked into the hotel the player is quizzed about the country. Some questions are multiple choice, others require the answer to be typed in. English
Some answers are in the native language not the Anglicised versions. According to Wikipedia Lisbon is on the River Tagus, sadly this is not an option here. English
All hotel quizzes end with a map question. The player must correctly locate as many cities as possible within one minute. English
The save game feature is accessed through the hotel.

The job hunting screen. There are usually two or three jobs available and the player is not always qualified to take them. English
Each job consists of a selection of themed questions. The more the player gets right the more they earn and the better their employment reference. English
This is one of the employment questions for a lumberjack in Brazil. It is not multiple choice, the answer must be typed in English
Each job ends with a timed quiz. This, a physicist job in Miami, USA, is very hard. Which of these is the gravity constant, Plank's constant etc. English
At the end of each job the player gets a reference and hopefully they have earned more cash.