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Backyard Soccer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Obligatory fictional league plug!
Our introduction here gives us a montage of the kids playing Soccer.
The main menu.
Well, talk about a bad day to win the championship...
Pick your field. Many of the favorites from Baseball return, such as Steele Stadium (pictured here), Eckman Acres, Playground Commons and Cement Gardens.
This is the first Backyard game to give us a two-color scheme. The rockets are my favorite as they seem to be an homage to the rocket used on the very old Junior Adventures logo.
Heads or Tails to see who goes first. Let's pick heads...
Heck yeah!
Wow, this is an abysmal player selection here. No Pablo in sight.
I'll be honest, I really didn't put a whole lot of effort in building my team.
Changing the team strategy.
Playing in today's game!
Kicking it off.
Corner kicking after an out-of-bounds.
Even the scoreboard is excited.
Hey, that's my goal! Get away from it!
Shooting it sky high.
Well, that didn't work as well as I wanted it to.
"Gadzooks, what was that!?" -- Earl Grey
Pete runs it down the field.
There it is! Out in the open! Quick, get it!
Dante makes sure to get it away from my goal.
Speeding down the field for hopefully a last second goal. Unfortunately, we aren't so lucky.
And that's the game!
Meet the players.