Baku Baku Animal Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Select mode
Select difficulty
Dialogue before action
Game starts
Panda and rabbit
I have big trouble
Pig wizard
Easy win

Game Gear version

Pre title animation
Title (in Japanese)
Your first opponent
your first match
The second opponent
Bonus coins destroy all off the same blocks as they touch
The third opponent
The end of the practice game now you have to play in normal mode
Yore first proper opponent
When the opponents screen is filled you win
Another wacky opponent
A weird looking opponent
This time the background is different
Meet the king
Playing against the king
Game over

SEGA Master System version

First opponent

SEGA Saturn version

Baku Baku Animal Title Screen

Windows version

Title screen
Control settings
Game linking settings
Are you ready to start?
One of your monkeys eats all nearest bananas.
Lion tells who lost.
Two players adjustment
Certificate of graduation