Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Screenshots

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Windows version

The final chapter in the Baldur's Gate saga begins here
Title screen
An 8 Million point experience cap means your characters can reach extremely high levels...
... and learn powerful new spells including Dragon's Breath and Wish.
Your first confrontation - romantic mood, rain, weird self-splitting crazy spawn of Bhaal, all that...
Inventory screen. Note that this time around you start well-equipped. No more stupid plain quarterstaves!
The weapons are also significantly more powerful.
Monsters are tougher too. Six Drow and two Umber Hulks make for one of the easier battles you have in store.
Ominous, hellish environment - towering statues, lava... It's a good thing I have my dear slightly evil party. Note Sarevok is my right-hand man now!
A Dragon? Now that's more like it!
The 120+ corpses visible on this screen are about 1/4 of the total casualties of this battle.
The Watcher's Keep dungeon can be explored before you start the Throne of Bhaal story line or after it is underway.
The Machine of Lum the Mad. Be very careful what you touch.
Cespenar the Imp will use components you find to upgrade your weapons in the Pocket Plane in the Abyss
The Ravager, one of Cespenar's creations, can kill almost anything with a single lucky head shot
A new world awaits your adventuring...
... or destruction by the forces of darkness. Your call
One of the few CG animations in the game
Battle is raging in front of the palace. You've come to help!
The final chapter is very combat heavy. You still have classic BG moments, though - relaxing in a tavern, chatting with NPCs...
One of the game's many beautiful loading screens
Lavishly decorated house of a countess in the capital city
Splendid art in one of the temples
City of Saradush, docks district. NPCs complain about you. You notice seagulls and... a strangely looking cow
Uh-oh. Draconis, one of the game's boss enemies, hasn't decorated his palace this nicely just to have a cup of tea with me and my friends
The cozy "resting" animation
As always, you'll have to make moral choices here and there. Even in this desolate, rocky village, tragedy may unfold...
Cozy Smugglers' Cave. You open a chest and get hit by a trap
Facing the head of the monk order in his great-looking throne room
A fierce battle in icy caverns
I'll just... stand on this balcony, look down, and enjoy the game this way
Even in the oasis, some pesky archers attack me!..
One of the game's peaceful areas. I try talking to a deer...
Dude... megalomaniac, much?..