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Ballerburg Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

The credits screen
The game instructions screen, page 1
The game options screen
The castle select screen
Starting a new game
Click on a cannon to set the angle and power, click Ok to shoot
Shooting a cannonball
Then it is the other player's turn
The left-side player just hit one of the right-side player's cannons
The overview screen of the economic aspects of the game
The right-side player just hit one of the left-side player's cannons
A cannonball is coming down on the right-side player's castle
The left-side player just hit the right-side player's king
The king was killed so the population capitulates, left-side player wins

iPad version

Main menu
Game modes
Choose your castle
Let the duel beginn!
Shooting at each other
My castle is quite damaged
The enemy destroyed my last canon
The drilling towers increase my income
I run our of cannonballs
King's comment
The enemy hat hit my king
I have lost the game