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Game Boy ColorDaily Radar (1999)
Ballistic comes from Mitchell Corporation, but this relatively unknown group of coders have not only developed a fun game, but one that's just as addictive as Tetris. Gameplay, like Tetris, is pretty basic. Balls enter the playfield on a spiral path; your goal is to keep the balls from reaching the center of the spiral by matching similar balls. There are three modes of play: Panic, which is the main game; Checkmate mode, where you have to clear the screen with a limited number of plays; and finally, Time Attack, where you clear the screen within a time limit. You can also link two Game Boys together for competitive play. It's a perfect game for the Game Boy, and even backward compatible for the original Game Boy. Any GB puzzle fan will find countless hours of enjoyment here.
Game Boy ColorThe Next Level (Feb 16, 2000)
If you're looking for a puzzle game on the go that's simple to get into, but takes a while to master, I suggest taking a good gamble with this game. It's an excellent variation on Bust A Move and it hasn't left my Gameboy's cartridge slot since I got it.
PlayStationgames xtreme (May 27, 2000)
The game is pretty hard to describe, you really need to check out the screenshots as you finish reading the review or to read it again to understand fully. It does however appeal to many different people and I expect it will do well.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Jul, 2000)
Ballistic n'est ni Puzzle Bobble ni Tetris... Mais les adeptes du genre s'amuseront un moment.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 18, 1999)
It seems that every game company in the world wants to release the next Tetris, and that perfect blend of challenge and reward, coupled with a simple interface and addictive gameplay seems to always be just out of reach for all but the most talented developers. I’m not saying that Ballistic is going to be the phenomenon that Tetris was, but it’s the closest thing to a contender that I’ve seen in quite a while. I know for a fact that Ballistic is going to be close to my PSX for a long time to come, as I’m yet to make my way through the last few stages, and it’s very rare that a title captivates me the way it has.
PlayStationPSM (Dec, 1999)
This game literally disrupted work here at the PSM office when it came in; folks just couldn't get enough of its fast-paced, exciting action. In fact, the office record for the Panic Mode now stands at Level 47. Eugene set this record right before having a nervous breakdown. Coincidence? No way. The game is that intense!
PlayStationIGN (Nov 02, 1999)
As I mentioned, I love and I hate this game and that is probably the hallmark of a good puzzle title. As with all successful puzzle titles the concept is very easy to pick up enabling any aged game player to play. Fans of the old Dr. Mario may well enjoy the Vs mode and that is probably the criteria for purchase. As a single player game it is a challenging and diverting rental.
PlayStationVideo Games (Jan 03, 2001)
Endlich mal wieder ein absolut süchtig machendes Reaktions- und Tüftelspiel à la Tetris! Ballistic schafft es gekonnt, mit seinem subtil ansteigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad den Spieler stets bei der Stange zu halten ("Okay, mein Fehler - aber jetzt schaff' ich's!"), bis ihm nachts die kreisende Ballspirale im Traum erscheint. Dazu kommen der aus Pang (ihr wisst schon, das Riesenblasen-Spiel) bekannte Panic-Modus (eine Art Tüftel-Survival) und ein guter Zweispieler-Ansatz - fertig ist der Hit zum Dumping-Preis: Kaufen!
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Jul, 2000)
Al leunt Ballistic wel heel erg op Bust-a-Move, toch is het een spel met heel andere, snellere en vooral fellere gameplay, die echt elke raspuzzelaar zeker zal bevallen.
Game Boy ColorAll Game Guide (1999)
Finally, the music is actually fun and catchy (it reverberated in my head after I played), and the graphics are adequate. Instruction screens are helpful, especially for those who don't read the instruction manual first. So, while you'll probably enjoy this game a few times, don't expect a classic.
Game Boy ColorElectric Playground (Dec 05, 1999)
While the PSX version had “Panic” (continuous) and staged modes (which allowed players to rest between waves of incoming orbs), the Game Boy Color version adds a nice little twist called Checkmate, which is a static, puzzle-oriented mode: the balls aren’t moving, thank God, but you’ve got a limited number of shots and must carefully preplan your attack to remove all the targets. Two-player gameplay via GameLink cable means that---as if the game weren’t stressful and vicious enough---you can go head to head with a person you will not be calling your “friend” for long.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 19, 1999)
Despite the simplistic nature of the game and sheer mediocrity of many of the game elements, Ballistic is still a fairly fun puzzle game with a refreshingly new premise.
Game Boy ColorGameSpot (Jan 28, 2000)
Control is simple and tight: Aim the cannon where you want to shoot a ball and hit a button to shoot it. This lack of complexity keeps the strategy purely at the surface of puzzle-game thinking and makes this more a puzzle game for casual players than anything else. Unfortunately, the game mechanic appeals to the lowest common denominator and as such can get a little boring at times. Still, Ballistic is a simple and fun game with a fairly innovative puzzle mechanic that's at least good for a while.