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Ballistic Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Title screen (Japanese release)
How to play.
Select 'Panic', 'Checkmate' or 'Time Attack'.
Ready in 'Panic'
The bubbles are moving. I need to place this bubble where it will do the most good.
You get new shapes as the level advances.
Hit the dead end.
So that means Game Over.
But I do get to enter initials for high score.
If you select 'Checkmate', it will ask what level to begin at.
I cleared the 'Checkmate' level 1.
'Time Attack' plays the same as 'Panic' but with a clock running.

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Tutorial at the start of a game
End of track is bad, gotcha.
Panic mode, just match 3 colors
Try to get a chain reaction going for bonus points
Shoot the rocket to back things up a bit
Panic mode, increased number of colors
Panic mode, end of the track means game over
Stage mode, bomb power-up removes all balls of same color
Stage mode, a double helix
Stage mode, whirlwinds block your shots
Stage mode, remove empty spheres by clearing adjacent spheres
Stage mode, you can shoot over the tunnel
Vs mode