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Advertising Blurbs

Red Storm Entertainment Website:
    The Alliance of the 3 Races have always had their conflicts with the Sektar, the evil race that was excluded from the Alliance so many years ago.

    Many of us have lost members of our families for generations because of their teacherous attacks on unprotected outposts of our alliance. Until now we have managed to avoid a large scale conflict but we have learned that the Sektar have recruited the infamous Morgoths and intend to wipe us out forever, in order to have free access to the Kha. Whether we want to or not, we have to face this horrendous threat. Once again we have called on the skills and courage of our Allied Arikhans, to protect us. All Arikhan military forces have therefore been called to weapons. I regret to have to inform you we are in a state of war."

    The Player is Xaha, a young talented Arikhan fighterpilot. He has got his own fighter sooner than was meant, but enormous losses in the first encounters with the enemy have made it necessary to replace more experienced pilots already. The losses are so big that Xaha often has to face the enemy alone...Combat information says the first mission of the enemy is to destroy the Dagon-bases, since they are considered the brains in the Alliance.


    • 19 missions across a jaw-dropping, real time 3-D universe
    • Never-before used rendering techniques and particles systems drench this game in amazing special effects and realism
    • High-performance Collision Detection System for unequaled gameplay
    • Adaptive AI keeps the ride intense as players gain experience
    • An arsenal of weapons ranging from the basic Plasma Cannon to the devasting Titan’s Hammer
    • High-speed battles with 5 different alien races
    • Over 30 minutes of 3D RealTime video sequences
    • 1600*1200 (GE256) Resolution Supported and more
    • Intense multi-player action for up to 8 players with IPX and TCP/IP

    Contributed by phlux (4338) on Dec 06, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    You've never experienced anything like Bang! Gunship Elite. Incredible rendering techniques, a real-time 3D universe, expansive galaxies, aliens, asteroids, mammoth vessels, aggressive fighters and powerful weapons make this the action game your universe is clamoring for!

    Contributed by Brian Robinson (83) on Nov 05, 2000.