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Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Rapunzel and Prince Stefan, being happy.
Gothel is angry she wasn't invited and casts a spell on the castle.
Prince Stefan is turned to stone.
Name entry
Barbie and Penelope take stock of the situation as Gothel explains their fate.
Slowly restoring the grand foyer.
Mosaic puzzle activity in the grand foyer
The grand foyer has been fully restored.
The hallway needs some work.
Create your own painting and choose its frame.
The hallway has been restored; use the magic magnifying glass to find the missing stone.
The map of the castle and which areas need to be restored.
Restoring the bedroom.
Creating a mask for the ball.
Restoring the throne room.
Designing his and her royal thrones.
The throne room has been restored.
The dining room, in the process of being cleaned.
Creating a rug for the dining room, which happens to bear the likeness of Penelope.
The dining room has been restored.
The garden is a mess.
Design 6 flowers for the garden.
Plant all 6 of your flower creations.
The garden has been restored.
Find the stoned prince in the maze, despite Gothel's warning.
Use your box of magic tools to overcome obstacles in the maze.
Plant the 6 jewels in Prince Stefan's crown in order to free him.
Pick out Rapunzel's dress for the ball.
A special gift -- a scrapbook highlighting all 6 of your restoration efforts throughout the castle.
Certificate of achievement