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Barbie Beauty Styler Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game requires the CD to be in the tray to run. This is the menu that displays when the CD is loaded and recognised. It's followed by a 'Software for Girls' screen
This is Barbie's Beauty Case. Its a game title screen. Clicking on it opens it up and starts the game
The Beauty Case opens to show the four available models. The icon in the lower left brings up the EXIT & Credits options. The icon in the lower right opens up Barbie's Beauty Book
When a model is selected the player gets the choice of a close up or a full length picture to play with. This is chosen by clicking on one of the icons in the upper central window
Now comes the choice of location. The player clicks to open the window and then clicks again to select. here the Fantasy Window is open.
A close up picture in the Fantasy location
Full length in the Fantasy location. The blue icon in the lower left shows that the styling option is active. This determines what beautifying options are available in the left & right arcs
Here a tray of swirly sequins has been opened. These can be applied singly, one per mouse click, or in strings by holding down the mouse button and drawing on the picture
The accessories icon makes hair extensions, tiaras, sunglasses and ribbons available. Note the hair extensions are not shown in the accessory arcs which have been moved round to show other things
The 'Fun Stamps' icon allows the player to add animated effects. Here two types of snow and some fluffy clouds have been added. One stamp can be placed over another to build an effect
The book icon in the bottom / centre of the screen allows the player to change the picture's background while retaining the foreground artistry
The mirror icon is used to add a friend into the picture. The friend can be either in close up or full length. This same screen is also used to remove a friend
Here is the friend added to the picture. The friend cannot be positioned on the screen and there can be only one friend per picture
Here one of the 'Scissors' is being used to remove the clouds obscuring Barbie's face
The coat hanger icon shows the model in a different outfit but .....
... when the outfit is changed so is the pose which means the artwork is now out of position.
Selecting the book icon in the lower right of the designer screen opens Barbies's Beauty Book and saves the players creation into it
The Beauty Book can also be opened from the Beauty Case screen. It holds preset pictures as well as pictures that the player saved. This is a prepared shot.
Clicking on a shot in the Beauty Book, even a prepared shot, opens it for editing in the designer screen