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Barbie Explorer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The options screen - note the tutorial, where the player can practice Barbie's moves before playing.
A daunting jump for a beginning Barbie!
Collect all the gems for a...big gem collection.
These mountain goats in Tibet will toss Barbie in the air before she can blink.
There are a lot of broken bridges in Tibet, apparently.
Showing off a long jump.
Barbie can only walk slowly on these cracking ice sheets, or risk a freezing bath.
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Barbie rises up on a floating platform.
For an intrepid explorer it's odd that Barbie can't swim and must jump from ground to rock to ground.
Waiting for a break in the traffic flow.
Barbie can jump up and swing from overhead bar to bar.
She can also swing on a rope a la Tarzan.
An eerily painted gate
A new set of dangers to be braved in Egypt, including quicksand...
...and dust devils, which are like small tornadoes.
Barbie gets a view of the desert.
Many doors open with levers.
Ascending to the top of a pyramid.
Barbie runs through the ancient city with pillars falling all around her.
Following appearing floor tiles - one mis-step and it's Bye-Bye Barbie.
Barbie can push some things around.
Arranging crates to cover light panels in a puzzle room.