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A very small dose of Barbie Genesis Ace of Sevens (4474)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 5 2.4
Genesis 8 0.8
SNES 8 1.5
Combined User Score 21 1.4

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SNESGamePro (US) (Mar, 1994)
The graphics and sound aren't top quality and the action is very slow. Barbie's car crawls down the highway and she leisurely skates down the beach. Unless you're a novice, the gameplay is too simplistic. But, hey, if you're looking for a gift for your little sister and Barbie's her best bud, this cart may just be the ticket. Then again, maybe not.
Barbie Super Model is pretty much what you might expect. The game loosely ties in the idea of competing in a whirlwind fashion show across 4 cities, but as a game it simply doesn't deliver what it should. There area a variety of side challenges of sorts, but the whole thing feels forced and doesn't really capture any excitement of a fashion competition. On the other hand... I'm a guy.
20 (Aug 06, 2009)
The more I think about it, the more embarrassed I am at myself for actually playing Barbie Super Model and reviewing it, and to a lesser extent even buying it in the first place. It's that bad! I know I don't have to say not to play this game because I know all of you wouldn't dare touch it just for the Barbie name alone, not to mention for how bad it is. It's one of those titles that doesn't need a review to warn people to stay away. I don't want to leave any game unturned for coverage, so hopefully my writing of this review at least gave all of you a good laugh!
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA) (Nov 29, 2009)
En bref, parce qu'on ne va pas perdre notre temps plus longtemps, Barbie Super Model est un non-jeu, une honte pour l'industrie vidéoludique, la MegaDrive et même pour la société Mattel, et en plus la boîte est vilaine. Vraiment si vous voulez convertir votre petite sœur au rétrogaming, faites-lui une faveur et épargnez-lui cette horreur.
SNESJust Games Retro (Jul 21, 2003)
To put this in perspective, this game retailed for $60 when it came out. That's almost impossible to imagine. No one, and I mean no one, will get any long-term enjoyment out of this game, and the only people who would are the young girls to which the game is targeted - and even they will get bored after just a few rounds.
DOSScore (Jul, 1994)
Jedna z největších kravin, co jsem kdy viděl, a doufám, že už nikdy neuvidím. Musel jsem si vzít acylpyrin, jak mě z toho rozbolela hlava. Ve chvilkovém pomatení jsem se snažil narvat tabletu i do disketové jednotky ze strachu, aby se neotrávilo i moje PC.