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Baroque Screenshots

User Screenshots

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen.
Main menu.
The view of the tower.
Yeah... aha.. I have no idea what you've just said, you microcephalic goon.
Another very dark street corner.
Those twigs sticking out of my head? Hurt a bit when I lay down, but otherwise fine.
Oh, that's why it's so dark around here! This guy ate all the light bulbs!
Now that's a cool-looking angel-thing!
Entering the tower.
Being assaulted by the brain-fish!
The architecture inside the tower is quite decent as far as dungeon-crawlers go.
Every now and then you will stumble into some sort of a story event.
Occasionally the enemies spring out of nowhere all around you... and then you die.
The green tint of the screen indicates that I'm poisoned. And screwed.

Official Screenshots

  • Baroque Screenshot
    Playstation Store
  • Baroque Screenshot
    Playstation Store
  • Baroque Screenshot
    Playstation Store