Basil Brush: Fun Pack Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu
The CD autoloads with this. When the player makes a selection the installation process is triggered.
The load screen for Roomnames & Posters
Each game has a screen like this
Roomnames & Posters allows the user to customise pictures of Basil to make their own works of art
Customising a jigsaw
Playing a two player jigsaw game using square tiles rather than jigsaw shaped pieces
The end of a two player, timed, jigsaw game
The high score table at the end of a two player, timed, jigsaw game
A game of solitaire in progress.
Each game has it's own manual
A Word Search puzzle in progress
There is an option that allows players to create their own puzzles. This one is based on moby contributors
The word search puzzles have a 'find word' option which has been used here
Basil's jokes. These are all spoken so speakers are needed here
The first page of Basil'd Fact File