Bass Masters Classic: Tournament Edition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts with the logo of THQ and the Bass Angler's Society who licensed the game. All videos run in a window like this.
The game runs in a window of a fixed size, it fills the rest of the screen with a grey background. This is the main menu
The game configuration options appear in a window that only partially overwrites the menu screen
The game's help text opens up another window, or windows, that overwrite each other. The help files can be accessed in-game or separately from the game.
The major game modes and difficulty selection screen.
All games are played by rules, these are the rules for this game
The player can select seven rod / lure combinations for the lake and the conditions they are fishing under. For Amateurs there is a pre-defined set.
Once the game configuration has been sorted out the game takes over the whole of the screen, resetting the resolution in the process.