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Batman: The Caped Crusader Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Loading screen
Bat cave
Hitting the bad guy
Penguins in the city
In a pickle

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
The game starts in the bat-cave.
Room transitions are shown in a comic book fashion.
Bat inventory.

Apple II version

Title screen.
In-game action.

Atari ST version

Title screen.
Batman and Penguin (comic book screen).
The Batcave.
Inventory screen.
Take the key and the batch from the floor.
Fighting with Penguin's bodyguards.
Don't make me shoot!
You can climb the ladders.
The warehouse.
Gotham city park.
You will need some kind of light to see anything here.
The light bulb.
Gain access to sewers by breaking the padlock.
The first bomb!
The Batarang will help you in fight.
The sewers.
Defeated once again.

Commodore 64 version

Starting part one
Batman finds an item
Batman now has a disk in his possession
Meet one of the penguin's thugs
Batman punches the thug
Another one of the thugs headbutt Batman
Inventory for part one
Watch out for the bat droppings
What lies beyond the door?
Arrived at Penguin's warehouse
Batman kicks a thug into the air
Inventory screen for part two
Navigating a ladder
It is too dark to see anything
There is a broken pipe here

DOS version

Bat-title screen (EGA)
Batinventory! (EGA)
Starting the game in Gotham City Park (EGA)
New locations open up a new panel (EGA)
In the Batcave. (EGA)
Batpunching a thug. (EGA)
Batclimbing a ladder. (EGA)
Batwalking across rooftops. (EGA)
I've got to hand this officer a badge before he lets me bat-pass. (EGA)
Bat-defeated by the Penguin! (EGA)
Bat-exploring the warehouse. (EGA)
Found that batkey I was looking for. (EGA)
These penguins are naturally the henchmen of the Penguin. (EGA)
Is this the way to a batcircus? (EGA)
Throwing a batarang. (EGA)
Batbeat by the Joker. (EGA)
Bat-title screen (CGA)
Starting the game in Gotham City Park (CGA)
New locations open up a new panel (CGA)
Batinventory! (CGA)
In the Batcave. (CGA)
New locations open up a new panel / Insert The Disk (CGA)
Gun shot by strange guy (CGA)
Batman punches a strange guy (CGA)
A few of items are dropped. (CGA)
Bat-defeated by the Penguin! (CGA)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
There are two different missions for you to select
The game starts off with you sliding down the pole into the bat cave
When you pick an item up an info screen tells you what it is
The back of the batmobile but you cant drive it sadly
Your inventory can be selected with the bat cursor
When you leave the batcave you appear in an alleyway
Armed thugs are patrolling the streets