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Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Full Motion Woman, Polygonal Swordman. The Battle Arena Toshinden 2 intro features a mixture of footage and in-game models.
Title screen/main menu.
Character select screen.
Parry this. Tracy demonstrates why, despite the blue hair and purple night sticks, she was allowed on the Police force.
High flying antics. Fo dodges Chaos' scythe with a high leap.
Spear beats...uh...giant club? Rogue monk Mondo faces off against Rungo, who looks like a modern day version of Soul Blade's Rock.
The Sword and the Whip. Brittish blademaster Kayin faces Russian...dominatrix? Sophia in a dark alley....
Don't call me Ryu! Eiji demonstrates why he's the generic main good guy with a well placed slash.
Think your boss is bad? Chaos may seem like a complete madman, but his bio describes him as a coporate executive.
My backpack goes boom! Mondo has a few surprises up his sleeve, like this hidden cannon...
You've been a bad boy. Sophia taunts her defeated opponent.

Windows version

Title screen
Sofia grabs Gaia
Sofia's win pose
Duke's win pose
Ellis connects with a good kick on Tracy
Rungo's large club knocks Fo down
Rungo's win pose