Advertising Blurbs

Box Cover (CD-ROM/SVGA version):
    It took 2,000 years for someone to make chess better.

    To conquer the queen's territory, you'll have to avoid her fatal flash of lightning. Now you can experience the mortal combat thrill of chess more intensely than you've ever imagined.

    With bone-crunching battle sound effects, 3D animation and stereo voices that bring your chess pieces to life.

    "Battle Chess is the next step beyond all existing chess programs."
    - Video Games & Computer Entertainment

    "Every chess player will want a copy of this program. Highly recommended."
    - Computer Gaming World

  • Hollywood's finest talent spent 2 years perfecting every stereo battle sound effect. Every stirring musical note. And every classic line spoken by the chess pieces.

  • 33 whopping megabytes of Super VGA graphics

  • Ten realms of play will challenge the most gallant gaming knights to the meekest gaming knaves

  • Witness brutal executions in breathtaking animation as your game pieces triumphantly claim new checkered territories

  • By decree of the queen, learning to play shall be mirthful. Your chess pieces will guide you through the game's mysteries ina a most merry tutorial

  • Modem capability lets you challenge opponents in far-off lands

  • Declare war against the computer or battle a warrior friend

    Contributed by MAT (186091) on Apr 21, 2001.