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Battle Chess: Enhanced CD-ROM Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Standard view
Board setup menu
Pawn defeats knight

DOS version

2D board
Knight takes pawn.
Pawn takes pawn.
Bishop takes pawn.
Bishop takes bishop.
Queen takes queen.
King takes knight.
Queen takes pawn.
Queen takes rook.
Queen takes knight.
Bishop takes knight.
Pawn takes bishop.
Queen takes king.

FM Towns version

The game boots into TownsOS, here you can select the language: 1st icon (from left) is English, 2nd Japanese, 3rd Tutorial (English), 4th Tutorial (Japanese)
Title screen
Settings menu (English mode)
2D board, computer is thinking
Setup Board feature (English mode)
Game menu (Japanese mode)
Blue Rook pummels red Knight
Red Knight takes out blue Knight Monty Python style
Game Over (Japanese mode)

Windows 3.x version

Title Screen
Knight takes Knight
Queen tutorial.