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Battle Chess Screenshots

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Loading screen
Title screen
Game start
Losing a limb
Check mate

Amiga version

Title screen
Start playing chess
Menu: Difficulty selection
Pawn takes a knight.
King takes a knight... Watch out knight, he's got a bomb!
Boom! The king takes out the knight with a bomb.
Playing with the 2D board.

Amiga CD32 version

A new game begins.
The computer is thinking about its move.

Apple II version

Pawn getting torched
Queen gets knocked down...
... and roasted!
Drop down menu.
2D board.

Apple IIgs version

Title screen.
The game board.

Atari ST version

Title Screen
Starting the game
...And the battle begins
Game Menu
2D Board

Commodore 64 version

The Commodore 64 was among the first platforms to receive a release of Battle Chess.
The team is listed up front.
This is the opening game board.
The 2D board
Knight vs Knight animation
Using the custom board feature. I changed all the pawns into knights.
Playing with my custom "knight" board.

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Game Menu (EGA)
The board (EGA)
Bishop x Bishop (EGA)
2D board (EGA)
Title screen (VGA)
In-game menu (VGA)
Knight taking a pawn. (VGA)
Knight takes Rook and he comes crumbling down. (EGA)
Knight ricochets the Queen's attack and takes her. (EGA)
King takes Knight. (EGA)
If you have no idea what to do like I do you can use the in-game suggestion. (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
A new game begins. (CGA)
Fight animation - quite nice (CGA)
Classic 2D board (CGA)
The computer is thinking about its move. Wait... (CGA)
Using the set board feature to create a custom board set up. I changed all the pawns into rooks. (VGA)
Playing on my custom made "rook" board. This should be interesting! (VGA)
Title screen (CGA w/composite monitor)
In-game menus (CGA w/composite monitor)
Knights puts pawn to the sword (CGA w/composite monitor)
A bishop loses heart (CGA w/composite monitor)
Queen on queen (CGA w/composite monitor)
Blue triumphs! (CGA w/composite monitor)
2-D board view (CGA w/composite monitor)
Board editor (CGA w/composite monitor)

Macintosh version

Game start
Opening moves
Black Knight kills white pawn
Black and white pawns battle
Game save
Black Queen takes out my Rook with a jackhammer!
Down to just my King!
The board can be viewed in 2D as well as 3D
Computer declares the game a stalemate and how happy it is about it!

NES version

The game begins
In the settings menu (press select)
Confrontation screen
Game in progress, Rook on the move (bottom left)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Settings menu, the X68000 version is fully in English
Setup options
Waiting for the computer to make a move
2D board
My king is in check by the blue queen
Red knight takes out its blue counterpart Monty Python style
Check and mate

Windows 3.x version

Title screen.
3D Board.
Pawn then Knight move.
2D Board.

Official Screenshots

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    Interplay website, 1996
  • Battle Chess Screenshot
    Interplay website, 1996